Investor Relations

investor relations
Arthur Chang

Arthur Chang

Chief of Staff & Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Arthur is a hotel ops leader turned entrepreneur and startup generalist. After launching Sonder in Vancouver in 2015, Arthur led Sonder's global expansion into over 30 markets and now oversees the company's strategic initiatives. Prior to Sonder, Arthur invented and co-founded Soarigami, the most innovative travel product in the world as deemed by IATA and over 1,000 global publications in 50+ countries. Prior to that, Arthur was a Vice President at Coyle Hospitality, overseeing business development, operations, and client care. He has personally helped hundreds of major hotel, restaurant, and travel brands improve their guest experience. While he was pursuing his B.Sc. in Hotel Administration at Cornell, he put himself through school by managing the world-renowned Statler Hotel. Arthur was born in Hong Kong; has lived in multiple international cities, and is now based in Montreal with his family. He is a connoisseur of the violin, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and rocambolesque adventures.

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